Screenr Business Support

Justin Wilcox August 23, 2012 Knowledge Base / Publishing

In order to use Screenr Business you must be using the latest version of Java which you can get here. If you have multiple versions of Java installed you should uninstall all versions and install the latest one via the link above. Please note that some browsers will disable Java unless you specifically enable it. You can check to see if Java is working and enabled here. After performing any steps to enable Java in your web browser, we recommend restarting your web browser and then try to use Screenr Business.

MAC OSX: Screenr Business will only work in Safari and Firefox if you are using the latest version of Java. Java is no longer supported in Google Chrome. You must enable the plugin in Firefox by following the steps here

If you are unable to publish using Screenr Business, can you please follow the steps below to see if they resolve your issue?

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Clear out your screenr temp folderIf you are using a mac, the folder you would need to clear out is: your_username\library\Screenr In the latest version of OSX the Library folder is hidden. To access this folder, open Finder and select Go from the menu. Hold down the ALT/OPT key and Library will appear: 
    3. Clear your Java cache. The Java control panel can be located on a mac in System Preferences -> Other -> Java.
    4. Open your web browser.
    5. Try to record again.

If you are able to record, you are all set! If you are still having difficulty, please continue with the below steps:

Firefox: Java is disabled in Firefox by default. You must activate Java each time you access a site or you can choose to always activate Java for a specific site. For more information, please see How to Use Java if it's been blocked. If you still find that Java does not work in Firefox, follow the steps here to see if they resolve your issue. 

You can further troubleshoot Java issues by following the steps outlined here.